For English Speakers
We, Global Tokyo, are currently looking for new members joining us. On a website of Tokyo Metropolitan Small Business Promotion Agency (TMSBPA), we are introduced as “with young executives and young successors, management resources and know-hows of respective members are utilized mutually to improve each member company’s level, and each member is aiming to be a part of a business group widely covering the Tokyo area with making responses to internationalization coming out of oversea transactions, joining associations with members of industries, academies, and governments, and networking with other hetro-business associations, etc.” but our nature is quite orienting for fun. Those who are looking for opportunities to simply exchange information, or who want to have pals favoring drinking with fun, are already potential members of our group.

From the history that our group started with initiative taken by the TMSBPA, our main active area is around Akihabara, and we are generally having a meeting once a month. Anybody who wants to become a member of Global Tokyo, regardless age, sex, nationality, residence, etc., please make your appearance at out meeting.

For details, please send your email to with your company’s brief introduction. English Ok.